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“There is no successful firm in the world that undermines the abilities of people that work for it” – SCOTHEE


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Sept 22, 2011

  • The Hospitality Industry in Uganda: Human Resource Outlook A paper presented at the Nothern Uganda Meeting for Uganda Hotel Owners Association (UHOA)

July 24 - 30, 2011


June 8 - 10, 2011


SCOTHEE World Tourism Day Message


New Bachelor of Tourism Curriculum 2010/2011


BE SMART Project
SCOTHEE Launches a BE SMART Bachelor of Tourism Management Student Hand Book





Deus K. Muhwezi
I welcome you to the SCOTHEE, Department of Forestry, Biodiversity and Tourism website. The website guides you through what is going on in tourism and hospitality management training and research at Makerere University in partnership with University of Strathclyde, Scotland UK. It will also keep you (students and stakeholders) enlightened about tourism and hospitality education products and services that we offer. It is also a good link to  hospitality and tourism information resources on education and networks. I urge you to use it as it may from time to time contain information that can enhance your personal development and that of your organisation/firm. The Bachelor of Tourism Management (BTM) Alumni can also register with the Department of Forestry, Biodiversity and Tourism through this website. Keep remembering that there is a lot we share in common.

Coming Soon 2011: East African Tourism and Hospitality Competitiveness Meeting in Kampala








» To create awareness of the strategic value of good tourism education, training and research for the delivery of high quality and well qualified human resources in tourism.

» To build capacity of tourism and hospitality industry stakeholders through high value, tailor made and industry specific short courses.
» To design a curriculum for the Bachelor of Tourism (Hospitality Management) at Makerere University in relation with UNWTO Tedqual Standards of excellence.
» To develop networks with organisations/firms that are interested in promoting and enhancing competitiveness in tourism enterprises and education.

World Economic Forum:

The Travel and Tourism Competitiveness report 2009: Uganda's World Rank is 111 out of 133, Regional Rank 22 out of 40 and Overall Score 3.38/7. Uganda's tourism and travel business environment and infrastructure was way out of the world rank and overall score of 114/133 and 2.64/7 respectively.

  • Uganda's scores on Health and Hygiene (1.8/7), ICT infrastructure (1.7/7), Culture resources (1.3/7) were not favourable. Uganda faired well on price competitiveness in the Travel and Tourism Industry, Natural Resources, and Environmental Sustainability. Education and Training scored (3.1/7)

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