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Competitiveness = People Abilities

“There is no successful firm in the world that undermines the abilities of people that work for it” – SCOTHEE




SCOTHEE Background

SCOTHEE (Strengthening the Competitiveness of the Tourism and Hospitality Enterprises and Education in Uganda) is a three year (2008 2011) programme with support from Development Partnerships in Higher Education DelPHE/British Council, United Kingdom Department for International Development (DFID). It is housed and co-ordinated by the Department of Geography, Faculty of Arts, Makerere University and it is being implemented in Partnership with the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland, UK.


To promote good tourism and hospitality education in Uganda and create a forum for enhancing skills, creativity and employability of tourism and hospitality management graduates of Makerere University.

SCOTHEE Objectives

To create awareness of the strategic value of good tourism education, training and research for the delivery of high quality and well qualified human resources in tourism. To build capacity of tourism and hospitality industry stakeholders through high value, tailor made and industry specific short courses. To design a curriculum for the Bachelor of Hospitality Management at Makerere University in relation with UNWTO Tedqual Standards of excellence. To develop networks with stakeholders that are interested in promoting and enhancing competitiveness in tourism enterprises and education.

Long Term Goals

  1. The project will lead to production of high quality and competent human resources in the tourism sector.
  2. The project will enhance the capacity of tourism and hospitality workforce in service delivery as well as improved creativity of tourism based entrepreneurs.
  3. The Project will mobilise community based tourism entrepreneurs who will create partnerships and strategic alliances in marketing their products and participate in policy formulation through lobbying government.
  4. The project will lead to development of Bachelor of Tourism and Bachelor of Hospitality Management curriculum that is internationally recognised and addresses the needs of the industry.
  5. The Project will design and operationalise at least Five (5) high value short courses for the in-serve staff of the tourism industry which will be run by the Faculty of Arts, Department of Geography, Makerere University.
  6. The project will create networks to promote and enhance competitiveness in tourism enterprises and education with; Tourism Statutory Organisations, Tourism and Hospitality Business and Professional Associations, Community Based Tourism Organisations and Local and international Tertiary Institutions and Universities

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