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“There is no successful firm in the world that undermines the abilities of people that work for it” – SCOTHEE



Curriculum Developmet

Degree Courses:

Bachelor of Tourism (Hospitality Management)

The New curriculum for the Bachelor of Tourism (Hospitality Management Option) was launched in 2010. The Programme was designed to take care of student interests and particularly those who desire to lead a hotel management career. The new programme curriculum will be administered using creative/mixed methodologies (class, field work and projects, internship, special projects) and will contain an acceptable balance between theory and practice.


The hospitality industry is the fastest growing sector in the world and in Africa the sector is receiving a lot of attention in both investment attraction and skills development at all levels. Career opportunities in hotel, catering and tourism enterprises are almost limitless in the world as well as those for creation and innovation. Graduates will be trained professionals with sound operational work experience and a comprehensive understanding of the hotel and catering industry. As such, they will be demanded by a large cross section of the industry from general management within the tourism industry, to more specialized areas. Career opportunities in this sector include marketing and sales, personnel, food and beverage management and events and conferencing management in Uganda and abroad. In addition, graduates may progress to a variety of postgraduate programmes in a range of disciplines. SCOTHEE has designed two categories of short courses that are ready to run. These inlcude:

Executive Development Programmes:

  • Effective Management of Small and Medium Lodges and Hotels:
    This course is designed to equip participants with the neccessary technical and conceptual skills to successful manage a small and medium hotel or lodge in the fastest changing business environment in the hospitality industry. It is designed in modular form to fit in learners schedule and finances. The modules include: Hospitality operations and management, Accomodation, food and beverage operations, Human resource management in hospitality and tourism, Fundamentals of Financial management in hospitality, Principles of management and business ethics in hospitality, Hospitality service marketing and Developing entrepreneurship culture in hospitality.

Professional Development Programmes:

  • Guest Care and Management: Others could call it front office management or customer service management but to us this course designed especially for Uganda and related destinations who have branded themselves as hospitable destinations. We hold a view that Uganda as a hospitable destination is at the verge of falling into an unhospitable destination if this course which is based on industry needs study is not administered cross the industries of interest to tourism (hotels, transport, retail, recreation etc). The course is also designed in a modular form to cater for learn schedules and financial considerations. The modules include: Handling arrival and departure of guests, Greeting and assisting of guests, Customer information and services and Handling Cash at front office.
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