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Competitiveness = People Abilities

“There is no successful firm in the world that undermines the abilities of people that work for it” – SCOTHEE



Statement from Co-ordinator

Tourism is the fastest growing economic sector in the world and it is a strong and efficient tool through which countries can attain the welfare of their people sustainably. I believe that tourism can be a source of growth and diversification, which in the right circumstances, can contribute effectively to economic development. However, the tourism industry throughout the developing world still operates below international competitive standards and yet several products already meet international standards of excellence. Several statistical reports show that Africa still remains a very minor tourism region with the world market totally dominated by Europe which continues to attract half of the total world market.

Back to the Pearl of Africa Uganda, tourism has been growing since early 1990’s but the growth rates are not enough to supply the cash needed to finance infrastructure development, developing and marketing variety and quality of products and services we would love to offer to our visitors. Uganda's tourism growth is confronted with a lot of negative forces such as; the poor image and awareness of Uganda as a tourism destination, poor value for money of products and services, limited range and quality of accommodation, poor service quality, destination air access (domestic and international), low range of visitor activities and poor environmental management. As we continue struggling to record progress in these areas of growth, we needn’t forget the real source of growth and competitive advantage. “People Abilities”

Every year, Makerere University passes out graduates that assist our country and your businesses to achieve the desired growth and profitabilty.  This means that any compromise on quality can slow down our progress. We at the Department of Geography, Makerere University through SCOTHEE programme have decided to embark on activating Public – Private Sector Partnerships with a view of improving the skills of graduates we supply to our national, regional and international labour markets.

We conducted a needs assessment late 2008 which we used to improve our Bachelor of Tourism Programme (New curriculum launched for 2010/2011  intake) and in designing high value short courses for our students and the public. We have also decided to establish a Tourism Programmes Advisory Board composed of both public and private sector representatives in the tourism industry which will continuously advise us on how we can address their needs. This way, we will produce graduates that can measure up to the challenge of the private sector led economy.

I therefore call upon all tourism stakeholders, alumni of the Bachelor of Tourism Management (BTM) programme and all those who believe that good education can transform our economies, to join hands with us and improve the quality of our future graduates by imparting in them the neccesary skills needed to perform the jobs to your expectation. For example, you can assist the Department in providing useful industrial training experience to our students, you can also provide part-time employment as well as volunteer opportunities that will allow them test their skills or learn on job. You can also offer to talk to our students as a mentor or send us an e-mail with suggestions on how we can build for the future of our country Uganda and the world of tourism. Together we can do a lot.

Do not forget to use our outreach services which include; research for policy and business decisions, consultancy and tailor made training for your staff.

We Build for the Future.


Deus K. Muhwezi B.Sc., M.Sc., MQE

Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda.
Department of Geography. Faculty of Arts P.o Box 7062 Kampala Uganda.
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