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“There is no successful firm in the world that undermines the abilities of people that work for it” – SCOTHEE



About Geography Department

Geography programmes at Makerere University have multiple linkages across the Art/Science divide. Geography programmes are a perfect embodiment of the Makerere University philosophy of interdisciplinary and open disciplinary boundaries Perhaps no other subject in the University engages with such a wide range of other disciplines in the Humanities, Social Sciences, Physical Sciences and Environmental Studies. Being one of the foundation "subject groups" of the University, Geography students and staff members have grown rapidly in the last few years after a long period of stasis in the 1970s and 1980s.

The Department of Geography is a balanced and creative blend of established mid-career and young geographers both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. It is a service department of the Faculties of Science, Social Sciences, Education as well as the Institute of Environmental Science.

Currently, the Department of Geography offers professional programmes such as Environmental Management, Urban Planning, Tourism, Meteorology, on top of other known traditional courses in physical and human Geography. The Department is in the process of developing the Geographical Information Systems (G.I.S.) Unit and has a Departmental Library and a Cartography Unit as support facilities. The Mountain Resource Centre of the Department is currently offering short courses in different computer packages. A number of staff members and students, research on more concrete topics such as Climate, Agriculture, Population, Environment, Regional and Urban Planning, Land Use and Resource Assessment among others.


About Tourism Management

The Tourism Programme is a multidisciplinary programme since Tourism as an industry is multifaced. It is composed of different but inter-related industries such as transport, accommodation, catering promotions, etc.. The programme aims at training human power capable of handling the different sectors that make up the industry. This calibre of human power has been lacking in Uganda due to the absence of training facilities locally.
The programme equips the students with knowledge, skills and attitudes to:

  • Plan, design and develop tourist facilities taking into account the variety of Eastern Africa's ecological and cultural environment
  • Conserve and enhance ecological, social and cultural traditions.
  • Enhance standards of management in the tourist industry and related areas.
  • Plan and effectively manage optimal utilisation of tourist resources like parks and museums.

BTM is a three-Year course which emphasises field trips, practical work and field attachments during the course of study. Details of Curriculum which is still undergoing reveiw...


Academic Background of SCOTHEE

Makerere University is one of the leading providers of tertiary education in Africa which also championed the development and administration of the Bachelor of Tourism programme in the region through Department of Geography. The programme which is over 10 years old has been partly applauded by both the public and private sector as an important innovation that could play a big role in the development and management of tourism resources and businesses. The programme has not gained popularity in the region in terms of its ability to deliver high quality and skilled graduates. The Department of Geography is faced with a challenge of increasing demand by stakeholders for skilled graduates, high value short courses for in-service staff, knowledgeable materials and constant upgrading of courses to address the ever changing needs of the business environment.


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