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Competitiveness = People Abilities

“There is no successful firm in the world that undermines the abilities of people that work for it” – SCOTHEE



Industry Partners

The Department of Geography continues to celebrate and acknowledges the committment that the following Organisations have demostrated through offering industrial placements to our students for over 10 years and the employment opportunities they offer them after graduation. Indeed most of our graduates of Bachelor of Tourism Management are working with you and we know that you have continued to mentor them into better workers.

The Department acknowledges and looks at your organisation as another arm of training for this great Institution. We pray that you will continue to embrace this partnership. We also share the truth that your role in training does not only serve to create an able workforce for the tourism industry in Uganda but also for the continuity of organisations and businesses that you have struggled to build for many years. Thank you for offering to talk to our students in the past as Guest Lecturers and we urge you to continue. These include;


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