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Competitiveness = People Abilities

“There is no successful firm in the world that undermines the abilities of people that work for it” – SCOTHEE



BTM Specialist Staff

Assoc. Prof. J.B. Nyakaana

BA.(Mak), MA.(Mak), PhD(Netherlands)

Professor of Tourism Management

Nyakaana's CV

Research Interests

  • Destination Planning and Management
  • Tourism Product Development
  • Pro-poor Tourism
  • Research Methods and Analysis for Travel & Tourism
  • Sustainable Tourism


Jim Ayorekire (PhD)

BA.(Mak), MA.(MaK), PhD (UCT)

Lecturer & Co-ordinator, Tourism Programmes


Research Interests

  • Destination Planning and Policy
  • Tourism Impact Assessment
  • Pro-Poor Tourism


Twinomuhangi Levi (PhD)

BA.(Mak), MA.(Mak), PhD(Mak)

Lecturer, Tourism Resource Management and GIS


Research interests

  • GIS and Tourism
  • Waste Management

Wilber Ahebwa

BTM.(Mak), M.Sc. (UW,Netherlands), PhD (Cand)

Assistant Lecturer, Tourism Management

Ahebwa's CV

Research Interests

  • Tourism and Environment
  • Tourism and Community Conservation
  • Tourism Impact Assessment
  • Pro-poor Tourism


Deus K. Muhwezi

B.Sc.(TZ), M.Sc.(DIT,Ireland), MQE (UP,Italy), PhD (Cand)

Assistant Lecturer & Co-ordinator SCOTHEE Programme

Deus's CV

Research Interests

  • Destination Images
  • Service quality management
  • Brand Management
  • Competitiveness of Tourism and Hospitality Enterprises
  • Development of Small and Medium Tourism and Hospitality Enterprises


Mugizi Francis

BTM. (Mak), M.Sc.(Mak)

Assistant Lecturer, Tourism Management

Research Interests

  • Tourism and Environment
  • Tourism Project Planning and Management
  • Tourism Organisation


Drama Richard

BTM.(Mak), MA.(Mak), PhD(Cand)

Part-time Lecturer, Tourism Management


Research Interests

  • Cultural & Wildlife Tourism
  • Product Development


Kimbowa Francis

BTM.(Mak), MA.(Mak)

Part-time Lecturer, Tourism Management

Research Interests


Peter Turyakira

BHM.(Netherlands), MBA (Mak) PhD (Cand) NMMU,SA

Assistant Lecturer, Department of Marketing and Management (FEMA) &

Part-time Lecturer, Tourism Marketing

Peter's CV

Research Interests

  • Competitiveness of Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Destination Marketing and IT
  • SME Marketing and Management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


Kellen Aganyira (Ms)

BTM.(Mak), M.Sc.(Norway)

Assistant Lecturer, Distance Education (IACE) &

Part-time Lecturer, Tourism Forecasting and Analysis


Research Interests

Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda.
Department of Geography. Faculty of Arts P.o Box 7062 Kampala Uganda.
Tel: +256 77 2404965
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